Short Film Secrets webinar, revised for 2015


This coming Thursday - a free webinar hosted by yours truly.

This week’s webinar is always a popular subject: Short Film Secrets.

(Or: So you made a short film. Now what?) 

This class is based on a talk I gave with fellow panelists at South by Southwest in 2010 – here’s the original panel description:

There's more out there for shorts than just YouTube, despite apparently limited sales and distribution avenues. Learn to make the most of festivals, the red flags that might keep you out, how to get away with breaking the rules, and what to do with that opus afterwards.

I’ve revised the talk to bring it into the here and now. In the 2015 edition, you’ll learn:

  • What festival programmers look for in a short
  • Submissions strategies that will (and won’t) work
  • Avenues for distribution you might not have considered
  • ... and lots more.

Of course there will be plenty of time for Q&A afterwards.