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Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers

Many filmmakers struggle to find a place on the festival circuit because they don't have the right foundation for their submissions strategy.

They think that all film festivals are basically the same. (Wrong.)

They rush post-production to meet festival deadlines and consider test screenings to be optional. (Nope.) 

They think that sending out form emails to hundreds of festivals to ask for fee waivers is a clever way to save money on submissions fees (so very, very wrong).

If you're stumped about where to start – if you’re losing sleep over which festivals are right for you or (worse) blindly submitting to festivals with late deadlines about to pass – get your hands on this book today. You’ll discover not only how festivals operate but also how veteran filmmakers craft a custom submissions strategy for each film they make . . .  without wasting resources or damaging their reputations in the industry.

"The most comprehensive, knowledgeable, and informative guide to the festival circuit to date."
Adam Roffman, Filmmaker and former Program Director for the Independent Film Festival of Boston

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