One Theater's Journey to Digital Cinema

John Toner, Executive Director of Renew Theaters in Pennsylvania, writing about The County Theater’s conversion to DCP:

I’ve always been a huge film supporter. Movies were meant to be shot on and screened in film, right? The County had excellent 35mm projectors, maintained by a great service company. Who in their right mind would want to switch, if they didn’t have to?

I have a confession: I’m a DCP convert.  I am here to tell you that our Digital Cinema image is BETTER than the 35mm image that we had before. (Heresy!) The DCP image is clear and bright, rich and beautiful, stable and rock-solid. Part of me feels like I’ve been brainwashed, but I can’t deny what my eyes are telling me.

The first time I saw a DCP image that blew me away was at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. I don't want to rain on anyone's 35mm parade but the fact that digital "prints" never degrade (and they always are lit properly) is a major plus.