“I spent $100s on film festival fees and all i got were a bunch of rejection letters."

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Take control of your film’s festival run. Play more festivals. Be an indie film badass. 

The Vault

Remember when you finished your film? Months – maybe years – of work, finally ready to show the world. 

You probably thought to yourself, "the hard part’s over – time for the reward!"

Then you started submitting to festivals and new questions began:

  • How do you narrow down the thousands of festivals out there to the ones that are right for your film?
  • How do you decide which festivals are worth the submissions fees they charge?
  • How much should you budget for those fees, anyway?
  • Your movie didn’t have a big budget or any recognizable actors – does a film like yours even make sense for film festivals?
  • What if you don’t know anyone in the industry? Are you just out of luck?
  • Why on Earth won’t someone tell you why your film wasn’t accepted?

At some point you looked up and decided there had to be a better way than making best guesses and deadlines. That’s when you ended up here at the Film Festival Secrets Vault.

The Film Festival Secrets Vault is your festival advisor, knowledge library, & support group all in one place –  for $6 a month. 

1 Month: $15
3 Months: $30 (Save 33%)
12 months: $72 (Save 60%)

The Film Festival Secrets Vault collects 12+ years of film festival expertise in one place and provides an instant community of peers and mentors with whom to explore it.

Why Join?

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do with access to the Film Festival Secrets Vault:

  • Identify the right festivals for your film to increase your acceptance rate
  • Understand how festivals work and what they want
  • Make the most of your festival budget
  • Submit with confidence that your work is worthy of festivals
  • Use your time at a festival to accomplish your goals
  • Meet other filmmakers like you 
  • Get answers to your film industry questions from festival experts and your peers

Any question you’ve ever had about film festivals is probably answered in the Vault’s library. 

If your question isn’t there, you can get an answer from me or from the filmmakers and festival staffers in the private Facebook group.

Feel like you’re the only one flailing through the festival process? Get support (informational and emotional) from your fellow festival travelers in the Facebook group.  

The Vault is regularly updated with new publications and videos so you’ll stay on top of the latest festival trends & strategies.

You’ll get invitations to members-only seminars and online Q&A sessions held throughout the year.



The Film Festival Secrets Vault is a community of filmmakers and film festival professionals coupled with the best collection of film festival advice ever compiled

In the Vault you’ll find a vast array of ebooks (including my flagship book, Film Festival Secrets), tip sheets, audio lessons, online courses, and interviews with festival programmers about what happens during the film selection process. 

If you’re ready to take your festival submissions to the next level, this is the motherlode of insider info that will get you there. 

Included in your membership:

  • More than a dozen ebook files, including Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent FilmmakersThe Film Festival Starter Kit, and the Better Film Festival Submissions Toolkit. Read them on any device that can open a PDF (including phones and tablets).
  • 5 hours of audio and video, including interviews from programmers at SXSW and Sundance, a master class seminar on crowdfunding, and quick-hit audio lessons that will expand your festival knowledge in a hurry.
  • Membership in the private Film Festival Secrets 2.0 Facebook group, where you can ask festival- and filmmaking-related questions to be answered by me and your fellow filmmakers on the festival circuit.
  • Invitations to live training webinars, podcast conversations, and open Q&A sessions held online. During these you’ll be able to ask questions of me and the guests. 
  • Once you join you’ll have instant access to all the materials, including downloads of the ebooks. You sign up for just one month or continue your membership for ongoing access to the videos, Facebook group, updates to the existing materials, and access to new content added monthly.

Complete list of Film Festival Secrets Vault contents

  • Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook For Independent Filmmakers (PDF, Kindle, and iBooks formats)
  • Film Festival Starter Kit (PDF, Kindle, and iBooks formats)
  • The Better Film Festival Submissions Toolkit (PDF)
  • 10 Simple Secrets for Saving Money on Film Festival Submissions (PDF)
  • Submissions Tracking Spreadsheet (CSV, Excel, and Numbers formats)
  • What You Should Know About the Music in Your Indie Film (PDF)
  • Filmmaker’s Networking Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  • 6 Critical Tips for Using Withoutabox (PDF)
  • 6 Essential Things to Do After a Film Festival (PDF)
  • 7 Things You Must Have On Your Film’s Web Site (PDF)
  • Networking at Film Festivals Webinar (video)
  • Crowdfunding Blueprint Webinar (video)
  • Sundance Programmer Trevor Groth (video interview)
  • Indy Film Fest Programmer Lisa Trifone (video interview)
  • Indie Film Journalist Jette Kernion (video interview)
  • Independent Film Festival of Boston Programner Brian Tamm (video interview)
  • Your Film’s Music Rights & Festivals: What You Need to Know (audio lesson)
  • What To Look For on a Festival Web Site (audio lesson)
  • Negotiating with Film Festivals (audio lesson)
  • Narrowing Your Film Festival Choices (audio lesson)
  • Stop Waiting on Sundance! (audio lesson)
  • SXSW Programmer Jarod Neece (audio interview)

Bonus for members who pay annually! The complete online course 7 Days to a Film Festival Strategy, normally $49.

Who created the Film Festival Secrets Vault?

I’m your instructor Chris Holland, and I’ve been in the film industry for 20+ years. I’ve been on staff at 4 film festivals and I’ve helped hundreds of filmmakers like you make the most of the festival circuit. The Vault is the result of all of my experience during that time, and I designed this membership program to be the best money you’ll ever spend on your festival journey.

Questions and Answers

  • How does the subscription work? 

    Subscriptions are paid in advance for the term you choose, and automatically renew when that term is over. If you want to cancel your subscription, just visit your Gumroad library and cancel before your current term ends. 
  • Isn’t some of the stuff in the Vault available for free on your site? 

    Yes. All of my free resources as well as some of the books and courses I charge for are included in the Vault. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to hunt for them on the site, and I’ll post updates to those free resources in the Vault first. You’ll get email when each resource receives an update so you’ll never miss something new.
  • Why wouldn’t I just pay for one month of the Vault, download everything, and then cancel? 

    You can do that if you like. In order to get new downloadable resources and have ongoing access to videos and the Facebook group, however, you’ll need to remain a member. 
  • Do you offer individual coaching as a part of membership? 

    If you post a question in the Facebook group, I’ll do my best to answer it thoroughly or to point you to one of my resources that has the answer. If you require more "hands-on" individual coaching to create a festival strategy, please see my Coaching page.
  • What if I’m not happy with my Vault membership? 

    Contact me here and let me know. I’ll make it right. 
  • I have a question you didn’t answer

    Email me