The 7 Arts of Working in Film: On-Set Protocol


This article about working in film production could easily be retitled "In Case You Left Your Common Sense at  Home: How to Act Professionally." Kudos to Brandon Tonner-Connolly and Alicia van Couvering for writing it, and to Filmmaker Magazine for publishing it. 

It's the same kind of no-nonsense, you-wish-it-were-obvious-but-it-just-ain't advice that I tried to inject into my "Festival Fundamentals" article, though I fear I said less with many more words. 

Here's one of the best passages in the Filmmaker article:

At some point during the shooting day, that flashlight [of attention] will land on you. Everyone will be looking at you and waiting for you to do your job, or the production will stop moving. That flashlight can feel like a warm spotlight or it can feel like the high beams of a speeding car, fixing you in its headlights, determined to mow you down. It all depends on how well you understand your job and the jobs of others around you.

Another favorite bit:

 A late person is a person who can’t be trusted, as well as a person who is excluded from important conversations about the day ahead.

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