Fee Waiver Bundle! (SOLD OUT)

Update 7/21: Newport Beach Film Festival added for a total of 18 festivals!

Sorry, the waiver bundle is sold out but there are still great incentives left for filmmakers on the festival circuit. 

I’ve been holding this incentive back making sure I had all the pieces in place, but it’s time to let you know: 

When you join the Film Festival Secrets 2.0 community at a level of $200, you’ll receive a bundle of fee waivers to select festivals coming up in the next 12-18 months. There are currently 7 (scratch that, 17!) festivals on board and I’ll be adding more during the next week and maybe even after that! 

There are only 12 of these bundles available, so if this sounds like a good deal (and it should), you’ll want to snap yours up now. 

In addition to the fee waivers you’ll also receive all of the perks listed in the “Your name in print” $50 perk level, including:

  • a print copy of the book’s second edition when it’s done
  • your name in the book’s acknowledgements
  • membership in the private Facebook group where you can get advice from me, festival organizers, and your fellow filmmakers
  • invitations to virtual recording sessions of podcast episodes
  • digital copies of the first and second editions
  • recordings of the upcoming crowdfunding webinars and other exclusive content
  • and more

I realize that not every festival is applicable to every film (for instance, if you have a feature you won’t be able to use the the DC Shorts waiver), but I wanted to get a good variety of festivals participating. Even if you can only use a fraction of the waivers available right now, this is still a great deal with the other perks included.

The waiver bundle is sold out - please check out our other great incentives for filmmakers! 

The festivals currently participating are listed below. If you’re a festival organizer and would like to jump in to contribute some waivers, please get in touch with me today.

Please make sure there are bundles still available in the “Incentives” section before you contribute. There are only 12 of these bundles available in total!