You Won’t Believe What Happened During Last Night’s Crowdfunding Webinar.

OK, maybe you will believe it, but sometimes a really good B.S. subject line is what's required to get people to start reading a blog entry. 

Still, this was pretty cool.

My guest speakers during last night's "Crowdfunding Blueprint" webinar were James Martin and Jen West, filmmaking duo and veteran crowdfunders who are currently wrapping up a campaign for their latest project, a documentary short about the Sazerac cocktail. 

(See the campaign here: )

I could tell something was up during the class by the way Jen smiled a little bit and exchanged some significant glances with James. A few seconds later she mentioned casually that their campaign just hit 93% of goal. Good vibes spread all around and the class continued.

A little later Jen jumped out of her seat and dashed off camera, returning with a big grin on her face and the news that there, during the webinar, their Seed&Spark campaign hit 100% of goal. Right in front of our eyes, they'd made it, and we had it digitized for posterity.

If you want to learn what it takes to start a great fundraising campaign from people so cool that they manage to time their crowdfunding success such that it happens on camera, get ready to take notes during the "Crowdfunding Blueprint" webinar. 

Moreover, if you want to see the giddy light in a pair of filmmakers' eyes when they find out they'll be able to make their latest movie without maxing out their credit cards, watch the webinar recording now.

To get access to the webinar recording, join the Film Festival Secrets 2.0 community by backing the Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign at any dollar level. You’ll get an email shortly thereafter with a link to the recording.

There are two more free-to-attend crowdfunding webinars coming up next week! Register for them here