The D-Word: The D-Word "15 for 15" Campaign


From The D-Word, an online community for documentary filmmakers. 

Long before Facebook, long before Twitter, there was The D-Word.

This year, The D-Word will celebrate its 15th year – a remarkable amount of time for a free online community built on peer sharing to survive, let alone thrive. And thriving we are. With over 10,600 members from 127 countries, we’re a virtual community that truly reaches documentary filmmakers the world over.

In all these years we’ve only gone through one redesign, made possible by the generosity of D-Word members back in 2007. Now, in time for our 15th birthday, we’d like to update our design and functionality, and once again we’re turning to our community to help make that happen. We’ll be launching a 6-week crowdfunding campaign on March 3 with a goal of raising $15,000 to cover the costs of the upgrades. Call it our “15 For 15” campaign.

The D-Word has long been one of my go-to places to gauge the trends and concerns of the documentary film community. If you've never been there and you make docs, you owe it to yourself to go there now. If you're already aware of them, it's time to go back and chip in a few bucks.

I especially like this promise in their list of intended new features: Friendly, modern emails which don't look like they were created in 1999.

Allow me, half-jokingly, to also suggest: A logo bigger than 155x41 pixels. 

Visit the D-Word now.