Film Festival Strategy seminar in Atlanta - December 8th

picAttention Atlanta-area filmmakers - in cooperation with the Atlanta Film Festival and the Plaza Theater, I am offering a one-day seminar on film festival strategy scheduled for Saturday, December 8th at the Plaza. If you have a film that you're submitting to festivals now or will be soon, this three-part class will help you create a festival strategy for your film. 

Each two-hour class session will include a Q&A with yours truly, and a brief evaluation of a film selected from attendees' submissions. (After you register for the class, you will receive instructions on how to submit your film for possible evaluation.)

Part one focuses on your film and how to evaluate its readiness for the festival circuit. We'll talk about how to get honest feedback, what festival programmers are looking for, and common mistakes filmmakers make.

Part two will cover submissions strategy – how to find the best festivals for your film, submissions tactics, and how to save money.

In part three, we'll talk about marketing your film at festivals. This session will cover finding your audience, putting together press materials, and getting people to show up at your screenings.

You can attend just the sessions you're interested in or sign up for all three at a discount.