Stop waiting on Sundance - 2012 edition

DVD SubmissionThere are plenty of filmmakers who rush to finish their film for Sundance, fill out the paperwork, send off the DVD, and then... stop. There's nothing wrong with waiting anxiously to hear from what is arguably the world's most famous film festival, but if you're not submitting to other festivals while you wait you could miss out on the entire Spring season. Break out your list of target festivals (see chapter one of Film Festival Secrets for more on this) and get cracking. Here's a handy (but by no means complete) list of festivals with upcoming deadlines. Check each festival's web site for their late deadlines, submission rules, etc.

  • IFF Boston - October 31
  • Dallas International - December 14
  • Atlanta Film Festival - December 14
  • Cleveland - November 30
  • South By Southwest - November 1