2011 Science Film Festival tours Indonesia

Science Film Festival

Science documentarians take note: this touring science film festival may be the place for your film, particularly if it caters to children.


From the Jakarta Post:

The Science Film Festival is a roadshow of 16 science-themed documentaries geared to children and youth. This year, the Goethe Institute, as the organizers of the event, has settled on 20 venues across 12 cities stretching from Jakarta to Gowa and Jayapura in which to screen the free movies.

Agus added that the movies highlighted not only matters of the environment, but also spoke of poverty and justice in a softer light.

“There were not many special cinematographic techniques used but the method of storytelling was adapted to children,” he said.

The movies were indeed geared to a more boisterous audience. One of the documentaries, a nearly 10-minute German film called Nine and a Half: Bees in Danger featured high school students speaking on the importance of bees and a comical woman dressed in a bee costume, complete with a detachable stinger.

The festival is held by the Goethe-Institut in Germany and select films tour Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The next call for entries opens in January.