How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made (1939)

1939, Disney / RKO Pictures.

When your 5-year old daughter looks up at you at 6 in the morning (before leaving for school) and asks "How do they make cartoons?" -- that's when you thank the heavens that YouTube exists. 

Of course, I didn't try to explain that cartoons aren't made like this today or the casual sexism in some of the narrator's remarks (especially around the 4 minute mark, right after women on screen are depicted as "expert chemists"). I was grateful, however, that rather than have to come up with a half-assed explanation ten minutes after waking up, I could just type the question verbatim into YouTube and bang -- instant, easy-to-understand answers.

I envy curious kids today. It's all out there, just waiting to be discovered in 10-minute chunks of entertainment.