Film Festival Secrets Campaign Held Over!


Here's some good news: if you're reading this before July 25th, you still have time to join the Film Festival Secrets 2.0 community now funding on Seed&Spark. There are some great filmmaker perks and a lot of warm fuzzy feelings to be had as a result, so I encourage you to take advantage while the opportunity exists. 

My Seed&Spark campaign to fund a new edition of FIlm Festival Secrets and a new season of podcast episodes was supposed to end on the 11th but after a slow start and a major interruption for some family business, it only started to gain real momentum in the last few days. 

(My profound thanks to those friends and fans who have lifted Film Festival Secrets 2.0 to the halfway point as of this writing!)

Thursday afternoon the folks at Seed&Spark offered to extend the campaign in consideration of my early issues, and though I wouldn't have dared ask for such generosity, I gratefully accepted when it was offered. Emily, Nicole, Erica, and the entire team at Seed&Spark: thank you for having the best interests of your project creators in mind.

The campaign's new end date is July 25th. There are so many aspects of this campaign I wanted to do that I couldn't and I'm thrilled to have a chance to make some of them happen. Be on the lookout for more Festival Friends updates, at least one more webinar/podcast recording, and dreaming out loud from yours truly. 

Don’t miss this extended chance to grab your piece of history -- join the Film Festival Secrets 2.0 community now!