2015 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project Starts Friday

Jim Farmer, writing for ArtsATL:

It all begins with required elements — a prop, a character and a line of dialogue — and then a genre drawn randomly. Over the course of two caffeine-filled days after learning what kind of movie they are making, local filmmaking teams race the clock to get it made. It’s all part of the 48 Hour Film Project, now in its 14th year in Atlanta.

When I first heard about the 48 Hour Film Project, I had some serious doubts about the quality of film that might be made in two days from concept to completion. Since then, however, amazing projects have taken shape in the crucible of this annual competition. Many of those finished films go on to play festivals beyond the contest, and for many of the competitors the experience is a defining one. 

In Atlanta the event has taken on more significance in recent years as a gateway to the growing number of industry jobs in the city. In fact, Jim writes, according to Paula Martinez and Gabe Wardell (producers of the local 48HFP contest) a number of regular competitors declined to take part this year because they’re too busy making films for a living.

That’s gotta feel like success. 

If you’re an Atlanta local and feel up for a challenge, you can register for the 48 Hour Film Project now.