New "Resources" Page Is Your One-stop Festival Info Shop

You might have noticed that things have been shuffled around a little bit on the web site. The largest addition is the new Resources page, which points to the various outlets where Film Festival Secrets articles, episodes, ebooks, etc. are published. If you're looking to jump straight to the good stuff, that's the link where you'll find tip sheets and podcasts and downloads, oh my.

As part of this reshuffling of the virtual furniture there's a new version of the original Film Festival Secrets book available, the eBook Bonus Pack. This download includes the book in three different electronic formats: ePub (for your iPad, Nook, etc), Kindle, and PDF – all without DRM so you can enjoy the book on any device you please. This version sells for $15 and includes a handy list (as a PDF) of some of my favorite festivals for short films.

Shameless plug ends.