Time to add IndieFlix to the mix?

Recently I saw some smart messaging from IndieFlix: This 30 second spot acknowledges that Netflix is the reigning king of streaming entertainment on the mass media side, but it encourages movie lovers to expand their range of options to include indie films on the IndieFlix platform.  

There are a number of companies (Fandor, Indie Crush, VHX, Vimeo) vying to fill in the gaps of distribution for independent creators left by Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. IndieFlix is the only one I know of that has been focused solely on indie film distribution and marketing for a decade.  Under the direction of festival regular Scilla Andreen, the Seattle-based company seems to have made the transition from DVD fulfillment to streaming platform successfully.  From a technology standpoint, it's interesting to note that all the films can be watched in the browser on any mobile device. The lack of native apps for mobile platforms (which would enable such niceties as the ability to resume a film from the point you last stopped watching it), however, is notable. One interesting innovation is the arrangement IndieFlix has with a number of public libraries, allowing library patrons access to IndieFlix films. 

Curious about IndieFlix and the possibilities it holds for your film? The service has a 2 week free trial and subscriptions are $5 monthly.

Disclosure: though Scilla Andreen is a friend, I didn't speak with her prior to this entry and I'm not affiliated with IndieFlix.