How the International Random Film Festival selects films

Photo credit:  Random Film Fest .

Photo credit: Random Film Fest.

Just when you think you've seen it all, here comes the International Random Film Festival. 

Our festival selection is made every year randomly from all the submitted films that meet the requirements for the international competition. We also select our festival venue and time randomly each year.
The full amount of 25 random films will be selected randomly to the International Competition amongst the film submissions.
In 2011 the selection was made by serving chocolate cake to strangers in the streets of Vienna from 25 plates. Each plate had 7-8 cake slices, and each slice had a submission film baked inside. The last cake slice left on each plate was the one selected to the festival program.

If you've ever felt like the selection process at the film festivals you submit to is completely random, now you can submit to a fest where you know that for sure. 

Submissions are open now and will close at the end of October.