3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Short Film NOW...


... and 3 Easy Tips on HOW. 

Free Webinar & Discussion with ATLFF Short Film 101 Instructor Kathy Cabrera and Film Festival Secrets author Chris Holland.

Is now really the best time to make a short film? And, if you’re new to film, you’re not in film school and you don’t have industry connections… how do you even get started? 

In this free webinar and discussion (and sneak preview to the Short Film 101 series starting Saturday, Oct 5), Kathy Cabrera will share the answers to these questions. She will address why now is the best time to make your short film; and three easy get-started tips that everyone novices to advanced filmmakers can use to jump into short filmmaking like a pro.

I'll be hosting Kathy's webinar on behalf of the Atlanta Film Festival. I'm looking forward to a great chat.