Gayby: How A Gay Indie Movie Made A Giant Splash During Pride Week

Jordan Zakarin, writing for Buzzfeed:


This week, Apple selected the little independent movie as its Movie of the Week on iTunes, giving prominent spotlight and promotion to director Jonathan Lisecki’s comedy about a straight woman, her gay male best friend, and their quest to have a child together.

The movie came out last year, earning strong reviews — it currently has a 90% positive on Rotten Tomatoes — and heaps of praise at SXSW and other festivals. It’s been shouted out by people like The Heat Director Paul Feig, and has a cast with names like Charlie Barnett, Dule Hill, andGirls’ Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky. But nothing could prepare Lisecki, who is gay, for the onslaught of sales and attention the movie has received since iTunes began promoting it — especially because he still has no idea how it happened, beyond his distributor helping to get him a slot in this year’s Pride Week slate of films.

Indie film is a tough business, but every so often the good guys win.

Rent Gayby now on iTunes. Or do what I did, and buy it. It's that good.

Image by Mike Coppola / Getty Images