Interview with Scott & Sean Cross, creators of the Vail Film Festival

Cathryne Keller, writing for Men's Health:

"If you have an idea that you really believe in and you're willing to work really hard," says Scott, "you can get people or companies to put money into it and believe in your vision." One of the keys to garnering outside support—financial or otherwise—is to show people what's in it for them. "If you can map out the idea and really show value," he says, "people will respond."

My standard answer to people who say they want to start a film festival is "Don't." There are too many festivals out there struggling as it is, and the reality is a far cry from the starry-eyed vision that such would-be festival directors have in their heads.

People do it anyway, though, and these guys seem to be making it work. I especially like their mantra "Do the thing, and get the courage later."