Steven Moffat talks about how to get your big break

Matthew Bell, interviewing one of my favorite writers, Steven Moffat (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Coupling) for BAFTA Guru:

His advice to would-be scriptwriters is “just write. The big break is easy if you’re good enough. I hear people saying, ‘I’m desperate to write – I’ve written this script.’ And I want to say: ‘Why haven’t you written 50 scripts?’

“The first 50 will be shit and so will the next 50 and probably the 50 after that,” he continues. “You have to write all the time and not worry so much about going to the right parties or the contacts you have in the business – they’re completely irrelevant. And stop badgering people for advice because there almost is none – If you write a truly brilliant script, it will get on the telly.”

The same is basically true for getting your film into festivals – if you've made a truly brilliant film, festivals will play it.