Mark Potts on Film: Just Make Shit

Mark Potts & James Rocchi @ Oxford Film Festival

Mark Potts is a good friend and one of my favorite filmmakers. I use him as an example all the time – of someone who relentlessly adds to his body of work, knowing that an important part of success is to keep moving forward even when you fail. Mark's expression of this philosophy is somewhat pithier than mine but you should definitely read what he has to say.

You know when people give you advice and you think, “well, that’s easier said than done,” and you get all pissy about it, and instead of focusing on the advice you focus on how hard it is to follow the advice? I do that a lot. It is really annoying.

But it is a habit I am trying to break because it is counterproductive. And it also goes against my new philosophy in life:

Just make shit.


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Above: Mark Potts (left, holding corn dog) with film critic James Rocchi at the Oxford Film Festival.