7 Days to a Film Festival Strategy

  After much writing and extensive testing (thanks newsletter subscribers!), I'm proud to announce the availability of the e-mail seminar "7 Days to a Film Festival Strategy." If you've been mystified as to which festivals to pick for your film, this seven-day email course is just the thing.

Given that it could save you hundreds in wasted submissions fees, it practically pays for itself.

If you'd like to sign up you can get started here.

Beta testers who took this seminar earlier this year said:

The entire idea of entering a film festival, where to start, what to do, where to go etc seems so overwhelming. But this seminar was AWESOME at breaking it down step by step into doable parts. It made the entire thought of taking this venture so less overwhelming and stressful.

It was hugely motivating, giving me the excitement about the festival circuit that really helps me to actually spend the money on the festivals I've researched.

[The rewards of the film festival circuit] vary for each film maker. A film maker who already has a well paying day job, for example, is looking for something quite different than someone who has put away his own and maybe his partner's life on hold for two years to make a film. Each festival aspirant needs to recognize this for himself/herself. The seminar helped face up to these issues that have as many diverse answers as the films out there.

Want to learn more? See the course description page for 7 Days to a Film Festival Strategy.