SXSW 2011 Filmmaker Spotlight: Rafael De Leon Jr.


Film Title:  Waffle

Category: Narrative Short

Your name: Rafael De Leon Jr.

Your relationship to the film: Writer/Producer/Director

Elevator pitch: A disfigured, science fair champion invites her new friend over for dinner, but as the night goes on, they discover very unpleasant things about each other and hell breaks loose.

Festival experience: My previous shorts have screened at various festivals around the country, but I was only able to attend the ones that were local.  For the most part, I have had a good experience, but I haven't gotten as much out of it as I feel I should be getting.  That's why I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone and attend more festivals farther away from where I live.

As a submitting filmmaker, what has surprised you about the film festival process? This can be both pleasant and unpleasant depending on a festival's decision, but what continues to amaze me is how someone at a festival might think your film is poor while another person at a different festival might think it's great.

What attracted you to SXSW and what excites you most about having your film selected to play there? Aside from having a reputation as being one of the best film festivals, SXSW seems like a really fun place and being there is an excellent opportunity to enjoy great, independent films and meet new people everywhere you look.  I'm especially excited about attending the Midnight programs at the Alamo Drafthouse theaters, which I have wanted to go to for a long time now.

When and where does your film play at SXSW "Waffle" will screen as part of the Midnight Shorts program on the following dates/venues/times:

3/11/11. Alamo Ritz 2. 11:30pm.

3/13/11. Alamo Lamar B.  11:15pm.

3/19/11. Alamo Ritz 2.  11:30pm.

What's next for you and your film? "Waffle" will continue playing the festival circuit throughout the rest of the year.  I have another short horror film written that will go into production later this year and I'm currently working on a feature screenplay.