At the Cannes Film Market with James Rocchi & Tim League

"At festival screenings in the Palais, folks are deadly serious, dressed to the nines and behave with a generally austere manner befitting the most respectful film-going audience in the world," League said. "Just 100 meters away, appropriately through the back door of the same building, dozens of tiny rooms are outfitted with 6-foot screens, cheap video projectors and home-grade sound systems. This is the Marche du Film, where I spend the bulk of my time. Instead of tuxedos, folks are wearing sweat pants and T-shirts. Buyers are talking at full volume on cell phones during the screenings. At any given time, one-third of the audience will be either texting or snoring. If a film doesn't deliver in the first five minutes, half of the room clears out and buyers move on to the next room. I start watching about eight movies a day; I usually finish three of them. If you are a filmmaker with a movie in the [Market], do not attend your screenings. It might break your soul."

James Rocchi interviews Fantastic Fest director Tim League for an exploration of the fascinating (and terrifying) Cannes Marché du Film (Film Market).