Building the best film fest

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune examines the ingredients for a great fest through the words of local filmmakers, bloggers, and festival programmers. The piece also includes a nice shout-out to the Austin Film Festival.

"The Austin Film Festival has achieved a real balance between serving the filmgoing audience and the filmmakers themselves, with a wide selection of really diverse films, from sneak previews of giant-budget Hollywood films to no-budget, no-name films (mine). Also dozens of seminars by big-name presenters, open to both filmmakers and the public. This creates a cool vibe for the festivalgoer, that they're taking in the same information as the filmmakers; and running into the same big names -- Harold Ramis, Buck Henry, Robert Rodriguez, Shane Black giving seminars and panels." - James Vculek, director of "Two Harbors" and "The Quietest Sound"