Film Festival Secrets Podcast episode 2 - Christmas comes early!

Baby Podcast Listener!There are probably a few of you out there who noticed that I started a podcast for Film Festival Secrets late in 2008, only to ignore it for over a year. The reasons for this are many but rather than catalog them here let me simply announce the availability of episode number two. Former Austin Film Festival programmer Jesse Trussell and I sat down to record a quick episode about the things we think filmmakers (and festival staffers) should know. We're going to try and do these regularly, and maybe get some additional people to sit down to talk shop with us as well. Wherever this experiment takes us, I promise you three things about these podcast episodes:

  1. They will be short.
  2. They will be sweet.
  3. You will almost certainly learn something.

Listen to episode two of the Film Festival Secrets podcast in your browser or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes for automatic delivery of new episodes. There's also a button in the header for the iTunes link if you want to find it in the future.

Oh, and I mentioned in the podcast that I would post the links to our Twitter accounts - you can find Jesse as @jrtrussell and my personal Twitter account (as opposed to the official FFS account) is @stomptokyo.

Photo credit: Gideon Tsang.