Cinevegas 2008 Day 2

CV08 Happy Hour, originally uploaded by stomptokyo.

As is typical, I haven't left myself much time at the end of the day to write a lot about my day at Cinevegas, so let's do the bullet points:

» Shorts 1 - a lot of good shorts, and among my favorites: "Samantha," "Stars and Suns," and "Goldthwait Family Home Movies." Check out the Cinevegas site for descriptions.

» Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong. Standard competition documentary stuff, but a great audience film. At midnight the after-party started up and many of the film's subjects were on hand to school us mere mortals at the sport of beer pong. Great fun.

» Your Name Here - Much respect to Bill Pullman, who pulls off this indirect biopic of / homage to Philip K. Dick with style to spare. If you like your movies messed up, stop right here.

» 10th Anniversary Cinevegas Party - You won't see go-go dancers in body paint at many festivals, but in Vegas it's de rigueur. Traci Lords (one of the co-stars of Your Name Here) lounged on a chaise by the pool, Dennis Hopper made an appearance, and over there -- is that -- Britney Spears? Yes it was and no you could not take pictures.

Pace yourself. There's plenty of festival left.