Random Film Festival Tip: Be Kind To Your Feet

SxSW 2008

I'm jotting down film festival tips as they occur to me during SxSW, so expect little entries like this one over the next few days.

If you're doing things right, you're going to a lot of parties and having a lot of conversations -- usually while standing up. Then there's the walking from venue to venue and back again. Not to mention the standing in line for movies. After of several days of this your feet will feel like they've been through a meat grinder. So be sure to:

» Wear comfy shoes. Ladies, a lightweight pair of shoes you can slip on between venues could be just the thing -- you can change back into your heels when you get there and tuck the walkers back in your bag.

» Take advantage of opportunities to sit down.

» Minimize wasted trips between venues. Arriving early is the best way to get into a popular screening, so you won't have to make alternate plans and do yet more walking.

» Support the local pedicab industry. These helpful folks will pedal you to your next stop and can offer the best advice about everything in downtown Austin without adding to your carbon footprint. Try Roadkill Pedicab at 512-563-2437 or Capital Pedicabs at 512-448-2227.

Coming soon: more tips, pictures from SxSW, and the 'Bama Girl case study.