POV: Why films need websites

If you've already discovered Lance Weiler's Workbook Project, then you know it's a great resource for filmmakers looking beyond the traditional models of exhibition and distribution. Lance (director of The Last Broadcast and Head Trauma) has been adding new voices to the site, the latest of which belongs to Zachary Mortensen. Mortensen is the creator of Space:Unicorn, a web shop for indie filmmakers. I've already written about the importance of a web site for your film, but Zachary has additional advice you should read. Whether you hire someone like Zachary to create your web site or build it yourself, this article makes some great points.

Right now is the first time that this outreach and awareness has been within our reach. Filmmakers need to harness these tools and be smart about it. You will spend a lot of time and money creating the film. Don’t forget to build and take care of a home for your film as well.

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