Get SxSW 2008 panel and film schedule info by SMS

SxSW 2008 schedule info by text message / SMS - from Film Threat and B-SideNow you can use your cell phone's SMS features to get SXSW 2008 schedule information on the go and even rate the movies you see from your seat!

Just text your commands to this number: 47647

1. To set your phone to SxSW, send: bside fe sxsw2008

(You only have to do this once. You will get a confirmation message.)

2. To get showtimes, you can just text: bside show now

or, you can get showtimes for a specific day and time, like this: bside show fri 9pm

» To see showtimes by title, send: bside show title

ex: bside show woodpecker

» "Title" may also be any part of a film's title -- no need to punch in the whole thing. For example, you could see the showtimes for "'Bama Girl" by sending: bside show bama

» Film and interactive panels are also contained in the schedule. To see the showtime for the panel "Blood, Sweat, and Fear: Great Design Hurts," you could send: bside show design hurts

3. To rate a film you've seen on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), send: bside rate title rating

For example, you could rate "Dear Zachary" as excellent by sending: bside rate zachary 5

» When you're home in front of a computer, log in to and create an account. Enter your cell phone number into your profile and your phone ratings will automatically be associated with your SxSW B-Side account.

Send bside help for even more commands!

(Disclosure: I work for B-Side Entertainment.)