Ann Arbor Film Festival Panel - with me!


If you're in the Ann Arbor area you can come see me speak on a panel tomorrow, "Multiplying Eyes: Film Distribution."

For all your filmmakers who want to get your work seen, this panel serves up several richly knowledgeable experts in the world of film distribution, festivals and exhibition: Bob Alexander of IndiePix, Christopher Holland of B-Side, Mitch Levine of The Film Festival Group, and Brooke Keesling whose short animation Boobie Girl toured the world at over 70 film festivals.

There are more opportunities available to filmmakers than ever before and thus many more hazards to navigate. Panelists will highlight some of the most effective strategies out there and likely embark on some lively debate. The one-and-only Debra Miller will serve as our congenial instigator/moderator!

Read more, hope to see you there.