Sundance releases its feature slate

Over at Indiewire you can get a taste of Sundance's roster of feature films for the 2008 event in January. There really isn't enough there to get a real feel for each film, but hopefully some trailers and whatnot will surface soon on the actual Sundance site. I'm not gung-ho enough to try and hunt down the trailers and individual film web sites myself (especially since many of the filmmakers don't seem to have built sites for their films!) but there are a few docs and narrative features that have piqued my interest. I can do without the Roman Polanski documentary and the film about Palestinian rappers (it seems like everywhere you turn someone's making a documentary about hip hop), but Trouble the Water and Secrecy both look fascinating.

Of course there's still the shorts left to hear about, and of course Slamdance will announce before too long.