3 Quick Tips to Make Crowdfunding Calls Less Awkward

In November the Atlanta Film Festival will launch its second annual fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Same as with the inaugural campaign, the purpose of the drive is to raise money to bring filmmakers & industry types to the upcoming ATLFF in the Spring. 

Right now I'm dusting off my crowdfunding skills and putting my thoughts in order for a series of webinars on crowdfunding that I will teach as part of the campaign. 

This video recaps my strategy for making personal phone calls to family and friends without having a really awkward "can you give me some money" moment. You can watch it or click over to my original blog post on the subject. Or do both! 

If you're interested in attending the webinars when they happen (they will be free), I highly recommend you subscribe to the newsletter with the big button below. I'll announce the schedule in the next couple of weeks. You'll also get the first two chapters of my book, Film Festival Secrets, for free.