1-on-1 Film Festival Coaching Call


1-on-1 Film Festival Coaching Call

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Got questions that need answers in a hurry?

Need someone knowledgeable who can help you make critical festival decisions and get some peace of mind?

Talk to me (film festival authority Chris Holland) for 1 hour by phone or online. Ask me anything about the film festival or indie film topics of your choosing and get no-nonsense advice tailored to your situation. No "cookie cutter" tips -- just honest coaching from someone who knows the film festival world. 

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Here's how the coaching sessions work:

This is my most recent profile snapshot from the platform  where I previously offered similar services. 98% positive feedback!

This is my most recent profile snapshot from the platform  where I previously offered similar services. 98% positive feedback!

Shortly after you reserve your session, I will be in touch to schedule your call and learn more about your project. Then: 

  1. You supply a link to a private online screener of your film (Vimeo or similar). 
  2. You may send questions ahead of time for me to consider while taking a look at the film. That way you'll spend more time during the call getting answers.
  3. Before your call, I will watch portions of your movie (or the full film if you add that option when you check out) to get a feel for it.
  4. At the appointed time, we will speak via phone or video chat (compatible with most computers, tablets, and smart phones) for the amount of time you reserve. I use a conference service so if you want to have multiple people on the call, that's no problem.
  5. The topic of the call is up to you – most filmmakers want to know my opinion of the film, thoughts on specific festival strategy for their project, and also have some specific questions in mind.

Things you might want to know:

  • If any festivals come to mind that I think your film would be appropriate for, I can recommend those to you during the call. If you want a custom list of festivals prepared for your film, I have a separate service for that. 
  • If you have followup questions that require quick answers, I’m happy to answer them by email for a week or so following the call. 
  • Many filmmakers tell me that my advice more than pays for itself when it saves them from wasting their submission fee budget on inappropriate fests. I will do everything in my power to help you feel the same! 

How long it takes: Calls are scheduled depending on my existing workload at any given time. The more I have to do to prep for our call, the more lead time I'll need. 

If I don't need to watch your entire film before we speak, we could be talking in as little as 24-48 hours, depending on my existing appointments.

If you ask me to watch an entire feature film before we speak, it may take 7-10 days before we can speak. If I can't schedule a call in the time you require, we can of course initiate a refund.