Basic Festival Strategy Package

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Basic Festival Strategy Package

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I will watch your film in its entirety, prepare a custom list of 25 target festivals, and discuss festival strategy by phone or Skype with you for 2 hours, which may be used in 30 minute increments. For the first call I will prepare a 5-point evaluation of your film’s strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of a festival programmer. 

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Learn to see your feature film through the eyes of a festival programmer and get answers to your festival submissions questions now.

In this one-on-one workshop by phone or Skype, I will discuss with your the film's strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of a film festival programmer, and then answer any additional questions you may have about getting your film out onto the festival circuit.


  • 5-point film evaluation, delivered verbally
  • 2 hours of phone consultation time with festival expert Chris Holland
  • Evaluation of your festival cover letter, with suggestions for improvement
  • Customized list of 25 festivals hand-picked for your film

Time to fulfillment:

The main process (watching and evaluating your film, speaking with your personally about your goals and questions, and creating a festival list) takes about 2-4 weeks in total. (Though we will have an initial call much sooner than that.)  

Unused phone time can be banked for up to a year and used in 30-minute increments.